Armed with 30 years of experience, we have formulated a range of essential business seminars on the key areas for the ambitious MD.
— Robin Tidd, FCMA MCIM


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Our seminars and workshops are geared towards teaching business owners how they can become better business people. We show them practical techniques they can use to build better businesses.

Our seminars and workshops are based on the life's work of Robin Tidd, co-founder of RTM Limited. Robin has spent over 30 years advising businesses how to be better. His techniques (and therefore what we teach) are based on the methods that enabled the Japanese Miracle - but we have adapted them for the Small and Medium Sector. 


Seminar Types


The Accountant as an SME Advisor

For those qualified practicing accountants among you aiming to broaden your product offering to include SME Business Advice.

MARKETING: The Old & The New

A great opportunity for managing sales, operations or marketing directors of ambitious businesses who wish to review the whole of their sales and marketing process.

Continuous Improvement

Aimed at manufacturing companies intending to improve their processes on an ongoing basis

Managing Directors Workshop

Our longest running seminar covering all the basics of running and upholding a business and its people

Financial CONTROL

Our seminar on all core areas of best practice financial management, drawing from our experience in large organisations scaled to be achievable for the SME Managing Director.

Check Your Business Plan

Ever wonder where you're headed as a business? As Confucius said "If you don't know where you're going, all roads lead there"

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