From long-term retained roles including non-exec directorship, to specific business performance improvement and/or management development projects addressing all core business issues.
Our approach is ‘bespoke’. We do not trot out a fixed programme. The result is that you get, and pay for what you WANT. This makes our involvement realistic and affordable to very small businesses


Services Overview

RTM has been a trusted business advisor to companies all over the country for over 30 years. For us, advising businesses usually comprises of two roles. The first is a short analysis to help the business to identify an overarching Business Strategy and/or Marketing Strategy and a ‘high level action plan’ which will succeed. The second role is to promote ongoing improvements, in line with the aims of the owners. The usual requirements of such business

  • More Sales: A growth plan and assistance with implementation of the Marketing Strategy
  • More Profits: Analysis of where (anywhere in the business) there is waste or opportunity to improve performance and therefore results significantly
  • More Control: Ensuring that processes and systems work well enough to allow the MD and his team to be in complete control

With small businesses, expert Financial Control is often a permanent strand of our involvement. As an MD you will have a ‘go to’ for financial management on a week to week basis. Emphasis on each of these roles is shifted according to the current needs

    Why would MD’s need someone like this?

    • Someone to talk to at any time about the business
    • Feedback on how other organisations successfully dealt with the same issues
    • An objective and thoroughly supportive view
    • Hands on assistance with managing specific improvement projects
    • Expertise, skills training and practical experience
    • Feedback for the MD and suggestions on how better to lead people
    • Consistency of approach – a long term perspective
    • Practical hands-on help in implementation